My experience with Computers!

I have always loved computers! When I was two years old, I used to play games on my parent's macbook. Once day I accidentally spilled lemonade over the keyboard and fried the logic board. And Dad was so mad!!😨 Anyhow, he was able to fix it. In fact, I still use that macbook today even thought its nearly ten years old.

I got a Raspberry Pi 3B for my 7th birthday. We installed Raspbian OS and Ubuntu MATE on it. One day, i wanted to rearrange icons in the menu bar and accidentally typed something in the terminal, and wiped my whole computer's user interface and app menu! I had to get a new login! Luckily, it was fixed! 😃

I am learning from my mistakes (hopefully!) not to repeat such incidents 😂

I am now learning to code in Python and HTML. I plan to build my own computer one day.